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Epidemiology of childhood cataracts
Aims: The aim of the study was to investigate the epidemiologic characteristics of pediatric patients with cataracts and to make a statistical comparison.
Methods: The study included 25 eyes of 19 children aged 16 years and younger who presented to Kırıkkale University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology with visual complaints between April 2018 and November 2023. The information about the patients was obtained and recorded by scanning the patient files. The patient data included age, gender, cataract type, trauma history, medical history, family history, and surgical intervention.
Results: In the study, 25 eyes of 19 children were examined. Eleven (57.9%) of the patients were girls, and eight (42.1%) were boys, with a mean age of 4.74±4.22 years (0.2-14). When all age groups were compared, there was no statistically significant difference between boys and girls in the incidence of childhood cataracts (p=0.532). Both eyes were affected in 5 children (26.3%), the right eye in 8 (42.1%), and the left eye in 6 (31.6%). Regarding etiology, 5 were idiopathic, 4 were genetic, 2 were metabolic syndrome, 2 were steroid-induced, and 6 were traumatic.
Conclusion: Congenital cataracts are the most common type of cataract seen in early childhood. Routine ophthalmologic examinations for chronic drug use and raising awareness among families in cases of childhood trauma are important.

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